Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Loved : Nathan + Amanda

Amanda and i became the best of friends when she arrived as the 'new girl' at my high school many years ago. 
I guess you could say i took her under my wing and introduced her to the group of guys i would hang out with during lunch breaks. 
I was a tomboy, a real boys girl.. I wore jeans, 
i had purple hair and my best friend was a guy. 
Amanda was stunning.. We were an odd looking pair!
We began to hang out together on weekends and i got to know her family. 
I experienced the life Amanda lived out of school, the life no one knew about. 
And it was a hard life.
Of course, not long after Amanda joined our school the bullying began. 
The hurtful names, the taunts, the horrible rumors. I was so naive, i really didn't understand why, at the time these people were so nasty! 
I soon learnt the meaning of jealousy.

To this day i still think Amanda is amazing. 
She has done so much for our community and now works harder then ever to make a life for her and her now fiance. 

Amanda stood by my side along with my best friend Lucy and witnessed 
me marry my husband, 
I feel so blessed to be able to have captured these memories 
for her and Nathan. 


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Cake Smash : Dylan


I first met tiny Dylan when he arrived at my home for his new born session almost one whole year ago! As his parents and i chatted, It turned out his mumma and i had alot in common! 
I was so excited to capture his stunning toothy smile while he smashed his cake amongst gorgeous bush land.. and of course his big sister had some fun too!

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Loved : Sean + Rachael

I was so excited when Rachael requested 
myself to capture her engagement session! 
We had a very small time frame to work with due to her study commitments but we managed to find a gorgeous afternoon, the day of my sons 2nd birthday party! 
It was great to be able and head out after a long day of fairy bread and party pies to hang out with an amazing in love couple like Rach and Sean.  
Not long after our session here, they asked me again to photograph their engagement party celebrations! 
I really do adore this sweet couple 
and am stalking her Pinterest bored like mad at the moment! 
*Wedding fever* 

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Lifestyle : The Upper Market

For as long as i can remember i have been a solid part of our local Lifestyle Market - The Upper Market. 
From back when i was designing clothing and dolls, and now with my photography i have been a stall holder and a behind the scenes helping hand event coordinating for the owner and good friend Cassandra. 

Along with Lisa, Cassandra is also the owner and founder of Timeless Treasures, a gorgeous vintage inspired Gold Coast based market and at the moment is handing over ownership of The Upper Market. 
It will be extremely sad to not have Cass as our boss lady, but i look forward to being a part of Timeless Treasures and meeting the new owners of such an awesome part of the Coomera community. 

Here is a small selection of the stunning stall holders that can be found at The Upper Market on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Upper Coomera State Collage from 9am-1pm. 

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Family : Brianna - Jarrad + Lilyah

I was baffled when this sweet mumma said she was nervous in front of the camera. I understand having your photo taken can be a little nerve wracking.. but Brianna is stunning! Why she was nervous is beyond me :) 

Combined with her adoring husband and cute as button daughter, this family simply hit a little soft spot with me.
Plus, she loves lemon meringue pie so shes a winner in my books right there ♥

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Family : Emma - Max + Alexander

Just a simply gorgeous family all round. 
It was such a pleasure to have spent time with you all. 

I was over due for squishy baby cuddles.
I hope your travel back to Canberra was safe and relaxing. 

Your package will be on its way to its new home first thing tomorrow morning. 
So stalk that postie! x

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